The Energy of ‘I Acquired Your Six’ and How It Applies to Our Nation At the moment

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“I received your six” is a phrase that’s been round for greater than a century. It was first coined by American fighter pilots in World Struggle I.

Troopers used clock positioning to tell course. For instance, twelve o’clock is straight in entrance of you and 6 o’clock is true behind you. So, when a WWI fighter pilot stated, “I received your six,” it meant, “I received your again.” Enemy pilots would attempt to get behind your tail and shoot you down, however you trusted your wingman to guard your “six.”

As a former recon marine and retired US Navy SEAL Officer, I’ve many tales of fantastic women and men who’ve picked me up, lined for me, and guarded my “six.” I wouldn’t be right here right now if it weren’t for them—however one story particularly stands out.

It was September 29, 2006 (Saint Michael’s Day), through the Battle of Ramadi. It was one of the crucial violent battles of the Iraq Struggle, and I used to be accountable for a 12-man component comprising 4 Navy SEALs and eight Iraqi scouts. The mission was to supply sniper overwatch assist for the famed 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment—the identical unit from the HBO sequence Band of Brothers—as they cleared a extremely contested district of the town. We snuck into the enemy-held district through the nighttime and arrange sniper positions on the third-story roof of a distinguished constructing. When the solar rose, we have been engaged in sporadic gunfights with Al Qaeda insurgents that remained all through the day.

About mid-day, Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor, generally known as “Mikey” by our complete SEAL Platoon, assumed safety. A SEAL was situated three ft to his left, and I used to be three ft to his proper. An enemy combatant utilized cowl and concealment to sneak shut sufficient to our place, then hurled a grenade onto the roof. The grenade barely cleared the lip of the wall, hanging Mikey within the chest earlier than selecting the bottom. Mikey yelled, “Grenade!” and with out hesitation jumped on it to soak up the blast. The opposite SEAL and I have been wounded from shrapnel to the legs, however we survived due to Mikey.

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