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The perfect contraception possibility varies for every individual. It is vital to contemplate elements reminiscent of your way of life, schedule, medical historical past and any medicines you are taking whenever you decide a contraception technique. As these particulars change all through your life, one of the best contraception possibility for you may change as effectively.

Speaking along with your healthcare supplier (HCP) may also help you determine which sort of contraception will work finest for you. Within the meantime, listed below are some primary details concerning the choices.

  • Hormonal contraception adjustments a lady’s hormone ranges, which makes it unlikely that she will be able to get pregnant. Choices embrace contraception drugs, patches (e.g., Xulane and Twirla patch), vaginal rings (e.g., NuvaRing and ANNOVERA), pictures (e.g., Depo-Provera and Noristerat), implants (e.g., Nexplanon) and hormonal IUDs (e.g., Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta and Skyla).
  • Nonhormonal contraception doesn’t change hormone ranges within the physique. As a substitute, these choices work as a barrier between sperm and eggs. Choices embrace condoms, inner condoms (e.g., FC2), sponges (e.g., In the present day sponge), cervical caps (e.g., FemCap), copper IUDs (e.g., Paragard), diaphragms (e.g., Caya and Milex), spermicides and contraceptive vaginal gel (e.g., Phexxi).
  • How nonhormonal contraception choices work:
    • Condoms forestall semen from getting into the vagina
    • Sponges include spermicide, which kills sperm
    • Cervical caps cowl the cervix so sperm can not attain the egg
    • Copper IUDs are T-shaped plastic frames that trigger an inflammatory response so sperm and eggs can not survive
    • Diaphragms cowl the cervix and the world round it with a spermicide to kill sperm
    • Contraceptive vaginal gel retains vaginal pH in a spread that doesn’t permit sperm to get to an egg
  • Condoms, sponges and spermicides can be found over-the-counter at pharmacies and grocery shops, however in most states, all hormonal contraception choices, copper IUDs, diaphragms, cervical caps and the contraceptive vaginal gel require a prescription from a HCP. In some states, you may undergo a pharmacy to get hormonal contraception.
  • Extra advantages of hormonal contraception past stopping being pregnant can embrace reduction from menstrual cramps, lighter intervals, regulated intervals and improved premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • For girls who can not take hormones, reminiscent of these with a historical past of breast most cancers or sure medical circumstances reminiscent of weight problems, blood clots, coronary heart illness or migraine with aura; girls over age 35; and ladies who smoke, nonhormonal contraception is an possibility for stopping being pregnant.

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