How Ladies of All Ages Can Stop Osteoporosis

Medically reviewed by Dr. Andrea Singer

Drink milk to make your bones develop huge and robust. That is the message that is been fed to us since we had been youngsters, strengthened by cardboard milk cartons in school and the favored “Obtained milk?” promoting marketing campaign.

If solely it had been that easy.

As girls become older, they develop into at larger danger of creating osteoporosis. Of the roughly 10 million folks who’ve osteoporosis in the USA, 8 million are girls.

Whereas girls who’re experiencing menopause are extra prone to creating osteoporosis attributable to decrease estrogen ranges, girls who haven’t but entered menopause may also take steps to delay getting the situation.

Tricks to stop osteoporosis when you’re underneath 50

Calcium and vitamin D: Each assist maintain your bones robust. Ladies 50 and youthful ought to goal to have 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 400 to 800 worldwide models of vitamin D per day. Each quantities may be present in your every day weight loss program.

Learn how to get extra calcium: Use this system to estimate how a lot calcium is in your present weight loss program. For those who discover out you are not getting sufficient, strive including extra calcium-rich meals like cooked soybeans (½ cup = 88 mgs of calcium), cooked collard greens (½ cup = 133 mgs) and part-skim ricotta (½ cup = 335 mgs).

Learn how to get extra vitamin D: Strive consuming extra meals that include vitamin D, equivalent to salmon, herring, unsweetened soy milk and mushrooms.Additionally, you may spend a while within the solar. Utilizing sunscreen to guard your self from pores and skin most cancers is extraordinarily vital however sunscreen blocks the UV gentle that makes vitamin D. Which means your time within the solar with out sunscreen must be saved brief and may solely embody your limbs. Your face ought to at all times be protected. For those who do not wish to go outdoors with out sunscreen otherwise you reside in a colder local weather, you would possibly profit from a complement within the winter along with what’s in your weight loss program.

Search out fortified meals: These are meals which have vitamin D and calcium added to them. Orange juice, rice, soy and almond milk, and cereals might all be fortified with calcium. Vitamin D is additionally added to soy milk, cereal, orange juice, yogurt and dairy milk.

Dietary supplements: When you ought to attempt to meet your calcium and vitamin D ranges together with your meals selections, that is not at all times doable. That is notably true for people who find themselves lactose illiberal, eat a vegan weight loss program or have an inflammatory bowel illness which will make it tougher for his or her our bodies to course of dairy merchandise. Vitamin D dietary supplements may also assist, notably D3. Seek the advice of your physician about which dietary supplements to take.

Way of life modifications: Give up smoking and keep away from ingesting alcohol closely as a result of each of those can have an effect on the physique’s capacity to retailer and course of calcium.

Train: Deal with weight-bearing workout routines like operating, dancing, mountaineering, stair climbing and leaping rope. For lower-intensity workout routines, strive quick strolling, utilizing a stair-climbing or elliptical machine, and doing low-impact aerobics.

Do these alongside muscle-strengthening workout routines like weight lifting, push-ups, planks and stretching utilizing resistance bands.

Tricks to stop osteoporosis when you’re over 50

Lots of the steps girls can take to stop osteoporosis earlier than they flip 50 can be utilized after they flip 50 as properly, with one addition: Do extra. Ladies lose essentially the most bone density after menopause.

Calcium and vitamin D: As you age, it is vital to improve your every day doses of calcium to 1,200 milligrams and vitamin D to 1,000 worldwide models per day. Speak to your physician about which dietary supplements are greatest for you.

Preserve your weight loss program robust: Proceed consuming calcium- and vitamin D-rich meals equivalent to yogurt, salmon, kale and broccoli. Add meals which have magnesium (apples, avocados and edamame), potassium (dried fruit, coconut water and cashews), vitamin C (uncooked purple peppers, tomatoes and cauliflower) and vitamin Okay (carrot juice, hard-boiled eggs and cooked shrimp).

Go outdoors: Attempt to get 10 to twenty minutes of direct daylight a day to assist together with your vitamin D consumption.

Train: Intention for at the very least half-hour of train a day. Weight prepare, stroll, hike, dance or use resistance bands.

Get a bone density check: If you are in danger for osteoporosis, ask your physician about getting a bone density check to see in case your bones have weakened so you may take motion sooner moderately than later.

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